Why Are We Here and Who We Are!

Why Are We Here and Who We Are!
Why another firearms rights group? Aren’t there enough of them already? 
WHY? The answer is actually very simple. The idea for the Florida Firearms Coalition came about on the heels of frustration at the lack of communication, the lack of information, and the lack of involvement of many groups or people in the process of getting the rights of Florida’s Firearms Owners, carriers and even just supporters of our Constitution in general back from the government.
Many groups seem to focus on a very specific way of trying to push the agenda of the group. The decisions are made by a select few and that is it. With what seems like the lack of movement in Florida in the direction of freedom for Florida’s nation-leading number of law-abiding concealed carriers of firearms, and what can only be a very large number of law-abiding citizens, the need for a group who believes in the rights of these groups, and all people in general, was born.
We are uniting ALL firearms rights believers and all who believe in the rights as put forth in the Constitution of the United States!
Who are we? We are a small but growing group of Floridians (and a few outside the state who still call Florida their state) who wanted to make a real difference and at the same time be inclusive of ALL who wanted to help. Everyone can make a difference, everyone can help to educate others on the real issues and facts involved in this very hot topic. EVERY member is important and able to make a difference. This group is not any one person or small group of people! We are the MILLIONS of Florida Gun owners and concealed carriers.
Imagine, a Bill is introduced in the Florida House or Senate, and it’s a good Bill, one that enhances Floridian’s rights to possess and carry a firearm. Maybe not COnstitutional Carry, or a sweeping change, but a step in the right direction. And our members all send emails to the Legislators involved. At first maybe scores of emails, then as we grow, hundreds and then thousands, and what difference do you think it would make if a Legislator got over a MILLION emails, letters, and phone calls, all supporting the Bill and asking them to vote YES for it? Think they might get the point? We think so and that is our hope.
You have to agree that out of all the Floridians who have firearms (millions!) and believe in the right to self-defense and to carry firearms lawfully for self-defense some of them are very educated and bright people (really most but we don’t want to brag), and they have ideas for a Bill or law change that would make Florida’s gun owners safer and able to exercise the rights they are guaranteed by the US Consitution, the Florida Constitution, and the current laws better. WE, FFC, want to be a group that can take those ideas, present them to our elected officials, the very people WE elected, and works on crafting new, better laws for all Floridians. We can do this.
What if this new group was completely transparent? Not just talking about it but putting it in writing and action? Actually having members input, comment and have a say in what is done by the group? Wouldn’t you want to be a part of this group? What if it was FREE? Would that help? No required dues, working completely off of donations and sponsorships. 
Become a part of the movement, the push, the right way of making changes for the better and the law-abiding gun owners of Florida! All you have to do is sign up to get our newsletters. We will be publishing newsletters about upcoming laws, with instructions on how you can help. How you can participate and make a difference! EVERYONE CAN!

3 thoughts on “Why Are We Here and Who We Are!

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  2. Pat Day

    I CANNOT find out anything abpot the where & when of the April 7 Raool for gun rights anywhere & nobody seems to know about it. PLEASE get somw publicity out!!~!


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