2018 Florida Senate Firearm Bill Roundup as of 12/15/2017!

Current  Florida Senate Firearms Bill Roundup!

Currently, in the Florida Senate, there are a number of important Bills that deal with firearms. Of course some good, and some not so.

SB 1236 – School Safety by Sen. Baxley – Summary: This bill would allow school principals and/or school district superintendent to designate certain people to be allowed to carry concealed firearms on School grounds for the purpose of providing additional security to the school. It requires additional training, and also that the person is an Active Military member, Veteran, current or former LEO, or a 790.06 licensee. This bill in no way restricts any current CWP holders or reduces gun rights in any way that we can see. It does provide for a method of adding armed security to the schools if they allow it.

SB 1102 – Reclassification of Offenses Involving Certain Firearms or Firearm Accessories by Sen. Thurston – Summary: This bill makes using a firearm with a magazine over 13 rounds, possession of 2 firearms at one time, or a firearm with a bump stock in the commission of a crime a more serious crime. It does not create any new crimes. It does not create any new restrictions on licensees. It makes the use of certain firearms or firearms accessories in a crime higher level.

SB 1048 – Firearms by Sen. Baxley – Summary: This would allow religious institutions to allow people who have a CWP to carry on the property owned by the church. Even if the property is leased or rented by the church. It does not create any new restrictions.

SB 838 – Sale and delivery of firearms by Sen. Farmer – Summary: This bill would require that all firearms sales that do not involve an FFL go through an FFL. Meaning all private sales have to be done through an FFL dealer. Creates background check requirements for private sales. Also institutes the 3 days wait for private sales since they go through an FFL.

SB 456 – Bans “bump fire stocks” by Sen. Stewart – Summary: This Bill makes it a felony to possess or sell a bump fire stock. And that police must destroy them when they are turned into LE.

SB 400 – New requirement to get a CWP by Sen. Campbell – Summary: This Bill creates a new requirement to get a CWP. It requires “undergone a mental health evaluation conducted by a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist,”

SB 334 – Changes reporting requirements for denied FFL sales by Sen. Bracy – Summary: This Bill creates a requirement that denied FFL sales be reported to police.

SB 218 – Safe Storage of Firearms by Sen. Farmer – Summary: This Bill removes any protection for firearms owners when they store the firearm at home, even if they have no children in the home. Even if the firearm is stolen, it makes the owner liable.

SB 196 –  Gun Safety by Sen. Stewart – Summary: Prohibiting the sale or transfer of an assault weapon or large-capacity magazine; specifying circumstances in which the manufacture or transportation of assault weapons or large-capacity magazines is not prohibited; providing enhanced criminal penalties for certain offenses when committed with an assault weapon or large-capacity magazine, etc. Basically a ban on assault firearms.

SB 120 – Liability for Businesses that have “gun free zones” by Sen. Steube: Providing legislative intent; requiring a business, organization, or entity that prohibits a concealed weapon or firearm licensee from carrying a weapon or firearm onto its property to assume certain responsibility for the safety and defense of such licensee; providing that the responsibility of such business, organization, or entity extends to the conduct of certain people and animals, etc.

Florida Firearms Coalition will be researching these and putting out our thoughts on them in the near future stay tuned! But in the meantime, I am sure you can guess some of which are good and which are not for Florida Firearms owners and our rights!

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