Florida “Use of Force” Laws..When You Can and Cannot Use Your Self-Defense Firearm!

Along with our link to the Firearms Laws of Florida, you should also know the “Use of Force” laws and when you can legally and cannot use your self-defense firearm. Remember the only thing that can keep you out of jail is only using your EDC when it is legal to do so. Any other-time will probably result in you spend some time in the local jail or state prison! KNOW YOUR LAWS!

Like many people in Florida do not know that you CANNOT use your firearm to defend property alone. While Florida Law says you can use your EDC to stop a forcible felony BUT that forcible felony must be one against a person, not property. Someone breaking into your car is not a deadly force situation. But someone breaking into your home is. Read the laws and if you have questions, we will answer them here or on our Facebook page!!

Florida Use of Force Laws!



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