OK so I am Travelling From One State to Another for the Holidays, Can I Carry my EDC?

I have gotten a lot of messages about can I carry in this state or that with my states permit? Or “I am going to (insert state here) and they have open carry, can I open carry there?”

Well as I get ready to travel for the holidays, I myself look up the most current laws and requirements. Where? Handgunlaws.us

I simply click on each state I will be traveling through, read the requirements on what I can and cannot do, and plan accordingly. It really is not that hard. And just might help keep you out of jail is stopped. Do you know if the state your traveling through requires you notify police immediately if stopped? Do signs on businesses carry the weight of law?

So before you travel out of your home state and into another with your EDC, check the laws and follow them!

By the way, where I am going is an open carry state and they recognize my states permit. Will I be doing so? Of course. It’s my right.

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