Buy Two or More Handguns in 5 Consecutive Days and You’re a Criminal According to U.S. House Democrats!

This Bill by U.S. Rep. Torres is nothing more than another Bill without an issue.

As we have said before! Why is it that lawmakers feel a need to try and make these ridiculous attempts at restricting things that have no bearing on safety or security of people and will do nothing more than restrict law abiding citizens from doing something that harms no one, helps the economy and could easily be gotten around. Oh and the mere fact that it is impossible to enforce.

The fact that a person buys 2 or more handguns in a 5 day period is what kind of warning sign to the Democrats? Do they know of a study or other report that links this directly to the mass murder of people? They think that the average American is too stupid to be able to know what they should and should not be allowed to do. They seem to forget that the vast majority of Americans are law abiding, decent people. But the Democrats feel this need to control things and think they know what is better for you than you do!

We need to make sure to write to our U.S. Representatives and tell them this Bill is completely unacceptable and “we the people” who they work for, do not want to have more and more restrictions placed on our freedoms, place more and more burdens on law enforcement to try and enforce laws that are simply unenforceable. Oh and there is the minor issue that you can make you own firearms now and get around this stupid bill.

In order to make it very easy and simple for you to make a difference we have included a cut and paste email and how to email the U.S. Representatives:

SUBJECT: Vote NO on H.R. 4025!

Dear Representative (Insert their name here),

I am writing on behalf of myself, the Florida Firearms Coalition, and I think most of Florida’s 1.8 million concealed weapons permit holders as well as all of the firearms owners out there that do not have a CWL. Remember we number in the millions!

I want you to know I strongly oppose, as do most other firearm owners I have talked too, H.B. 4025. For far too long America’s law-abiding firearms owners have been treated like second-class citizens. Feared because we carry firearms (even though we are more law-abiding than the police who protect us) and made to jump through hoops and know laws restricting where and how we can exercise our 2nd Amendment Right.

The gun owners and concealed carriers of America have for too long now given up our Constitutional Rights that are written as “shall not be infringed” when all we want is the freedom to exercise our rights and to do so freely and without more government oversight. This Bill is nothing more than a back-door attempt at restricting the rights of Americans. It has nothing to do with safety, or stopping mass murderers. There is absolutely NO EVIDENCE to show that buying more than 2 handguns in a 5 day period has resulted in or even been a part of any mass murder. Our ability to protect ourselves, our families and our friends are vitally important to us.

Please do not cave into the anti-rights, anti-gun lobbyist and groups like Moms Demand Action and Bloomberg. Why do you not see groups of law-abiding gun owners in Washington standing up before committees and testifying in favor of these Bills? Because unlike some groups, our membership works for a living and have jobs and families. You can make that happen by voting NO on H.B. 4025!.

We the law abiding gun owners and licensed concealed carriers of America want you to vote NO on this Bill, it is the right thing to do and will help make us safer and allow us to protect our families.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we will watch and hope for a quick stopping of this Bill when this Bill gets to Committees you are on!

Be safe, stay well and remember it’s “We the People” who you represent, the law-abiding, and firearm owning millions in the US!

Respectfully Submitted,


Member of the Florida Firearms Coalition


Go here to email each member of the House Committees the Bill is scheduled for:

You click on the Representatives name on the committee site and you can email them from that page.


You should also call them, the numbers are listed on the same page you email them from! Email, call and make sure your voices are heard!! The only way something gets done is if “WE THE PEOPLE” make the very ones we elected know what we want! DO not remain silent, do not let someone else do this for you! If they got just 10,000 emails out of the millions of Florida Gun Owners imagine the impact it might have!!

Thank you!

Florida Firearms Coalition

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