Ever Wonder Why Democrat Legislators Submit Anti-Firearms Bills?

The Answer is really easy. Money.

It is probably one of the most common chanted Tweets or comments I have seen on the social networks, “The NRA funds the Republicans and that is why they try to pass these Bills expanding gun rights!” It is chanted form the anti-rights groups like Moms Demand Action and Everytown followers so often that it becomes kind of silly.

But what I have not seen in the replies by the pro-rights followers and Tweeters, is the logical reply. Who funds the anti-rights legislators? Well, the answer is easy.

Checking with Opensecrets.org, which tracks donations from all sources, it is pretty obvious why the Democrats are pushing anti-gun legislation when you look at their donors and how much money they get from the anti-rights groups and donors:


Notice that 100% of the funding went to Democratic funding.

So is it any surprise that the Democratic legislators push the agendas of the Anti-rights groups that fund them? Of course not. So the next time one of the Snowflakes brings up that the NRA spent a lot of money to get Republican legislators elected, simply point out to them the pot calling the kettle black is pretty hypocritical.

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