Candidates for Florida Governor what do you think of Florida’s Firearms Laws?

We have contacted Adam Putnam, Candidate for Governor in Florida and asked the following:

Good Evening,

My name is Chris Wagoner, I am one of the leadership team of Florida Firearms Coalition. A group recently formed and growing VERY fast that represent all of Florida Firearms Carriers and owners.

We were wondering what your stance on the current laws covering firearms in Florida is and what changes to the current laws you would like to see get done during your first term as our Governor if you are elected?

Would you be supportive of removing some of the overly restrictive laws that prevent people who have gone through a background check, been fingerprinted, had training as required by the state from being able to carry firearms in Florida while doing many outdoor activities and even for self protection in places such as Churches that have private schools on the same property? Would you be supportive of open carry of firearms by concealed carry license holders, or better yet, all Floridians? Would you support Constitutional Carry if it was to be brought before you for your signature to make it a law?

We ask these questions so that we may inform our followers and members of your stance and also be able to give our support to you depending on the replies to these questions that are important to our readers and the over 1.8 million Florida CWP holders and even more law-abiding firearms owners in the great state of Florida.

I look forward to your reply so I may get the answers out there for the public to see and to grow your support base.

Very Respectfully,

Chris Wagoner

Chris Wagoner, Cmdr. (Ret.)

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