TIME TO CALL AND WRITE THESE SENATORS IN FLA! SB 1236 is on the Judiciary Agenda!

SB 1236 by Senator Baxley was placed on the agenda of the Senate Judiciary Committee shortly after the horrific murders in South Florida. This is real, actionable things that can deter and lessen the carnage one of these mass murderers can cause. Are you tired of hearing “we have to do something” and nothing gets done? Then this is your chance to actually do something!

Write to the members of the Judiciary and tell them you overwhelmingly support this Bill and want to make our schools safer for our children! Enough of doing nothing, this is the first step in several that can be made without limiting more rights of law-abiding gun owners.

SB 1236 will make School Boards and Districts get with Local Law enforcement and formulate plans and policies to fight these types of crimes. If you can believe it, it is not done everywhere although you would think they do. This would make it mandatory! It also would allow current and retired law enforcement officers, active duty and veterans who want to volunteer, could be used as added concealed armed security at our local schools! Exactly what they are good at, protecting their fellow Americans, and our kids.

Yes, it would establish policy and procedures for running checks on them, training them (using the police that would respond to the school). So it is a step in the right direction!

So please take a few minutes out of your day to email or call or both the Senators on this committee:
The link provides links to each Senator where you can email them or get the number to call them. Think how you would feel the next time one of these horrendous murderers happens and you could not be bothered to take a few minutes to send an email. Want something to be done? THEN BE PART OF THE GROUP THAT DOES SOMETHING!

When you email them, put “Please support SB 1236 to help keep our kids safer!” in the subject line and in the body tell them you are part of the “Florida Firearms Coalition”. A simple real action you can take.

Thank you! And if we do not take some action, we are to blame the next time one of these happens and we have done nothing.

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