Florida Constitutional Commission Votes Down Anti-Firearm Amendments!

Yesterday the Florida Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC), had before it several very anti-firearms amendments to consider.

You can read the full Amendments being considered here:

Raising the age to purchase a firearm to 21.

Complete assault weapons ban!

Bump fire stock ban and other things.

Defining Bump fire stock, as any device.

Combination assault weapons ban, age increase, speed device ban, and others!

After learning that they were going to consider these and vote on if they should be put to the Florida Voters for a possible adoption into the Florida Constitution, the NRA and other groups in Florida, including FFC put out alerts to members to write to the CRC members and tell them to vote NO on these amendments.

We are happy to report that these revisions were struck down and will not be on the ballot in Florida! The CRC voted to not place the proposals on the ballots under a rules issue. Basically stating it is not the CRC’s place to make laws, that is the job of the legislation. And we agree. This is a very good thing. Now we cannot say for sure that it is a direct result of the members of the CRC hearing form law-abiding firearms owners and others that these amendments were pure poison to the rights of Floridians, but it sure didn’t hurt.

TO all of you that answered the call to email the members, a huge thank you! We stopped this one assault on our rights. But do not be fooled, there are more to come and we need to be vigilant and keep our guard up. Here at FCC we will do everything in our power to get the word out to you whenever we hear of any attempts or actual infringements on your rights.

Please if you live int he North Central Florida area, or are willing to drive a few hours to take part, we need you to attend our #marchforrights on April 7th in Ocala Florida! You can find out more here at the event announcement! 



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