Florida Firearms Coalition, How We Work!

Florida Firearms Coalition

Official name – Florida Firearms Coalition

Mission Statement: The mission of the Florida Firearms Coalition is to Educate, help Legislate and Initiate conversations on the rights of law-abiding Floridians to carry and possess firearms.

The Florida Firearms Coalition (FFC) were born out of the need to form a group of like-minded individuals who support the 2nd Amendment. Those who believe in individual rights to self-defense, and the right to carry a firearm for legal purposes in Florida. And, are willing to do something about the deficiencies we currently must endure, due to State law.

Goals: The goals of FFC  are to Educate law-abiding citizens and law enforcement on the firearms laws in Florida, encourage and support legislation expanding Florida’s citizens’ rights to carry a firearm, and to make our voices heard anywhere in the state that it is needed. Our long-term goal is to have Constitutional Carry in the State of Florida, as written and enshrined in the Constitution of the United States.

Organization: We are a completely transparent organization. We will publish annually any funding sources and expenditures. Donations of money or services are openly acknowledged and encouraged. We are run by the members and the elected Coalition Team Leadership Team and membership. We are a non-partisan, non-discriminatory, completely inclusive group of firearms owners and law-abiding citizens that believe in the right of the individual. We accept and encourage anyone who believes in the Constitution, the 2nd Amendment, and the rights of the law-abiding citizens of Florida. We encourage minority, and gender-based groups to join us and learn about and fight for your rights. The most vulnerable groups in our society benefit the most from being able to defend themselves and their families and friends.

We will work hard to make sure all members who join us are informed in a timely manner of legislation that may affect them regarding the right to carry a firearm in Florida and Nationally, the 2nd Amendment or related topics. We will work with our State Legislators, other 2nd Amendment groups and individuals to help author, promote and testify in favor of pro-2nd Amendment legislation. We will also inform our members of National legislation and issues that may affect their rights, helping to direct them on how to make their voices heard at the national level also.

FFC will work on creating a working relationship with our Law Enforcement Community to educate Florida’s LEO’s on firearms laws. And in turn, helping to reduce the friction between the law enforcement community and Florida’s law-abiding firearms carriers and owners.

Outside Organizations:  Other groups, national and state and local, may become members of the Coalition. It is encouraged that gun stores, firearms ranges, and other companies become a member and proudly display the “Member of Florida Firearms Coalition” statement on correspondence, emails and other media. Companies that support the Florida Firearms Coalition will also be listed on web pages, social media sites, and other event-related materials on the event that they participate in some way in that event, by either supporting monetarily or with other material support. A coalition is a group of people and groups working for the same goals, and the more the stronger it becomes.

Membership: We will be completely funded by donations and volunteer time and effort. Membership is simply signing up for our email information notices and agreeing to help by emailing, writing and/or calling your legislators when needed. Participation in a show of unity at legislative meetings and committees is also encouraged and needed. Making appearances at events to help educate the public is also needed and encouraged. Making your voice heard is more than most people do to support their rights.

The work of the group will be distributed among the members. The strengths of members in various areas such as social networking, emailing and writing skills will be used to further the group’s objectives.

Operating Procedures:

Elections of Leaders: We will have yearly elections of officers once the organization is established and enough members have been gathered, regardless no later than the July 1st, 2019 or when members of the coalition reach more than 500 people, whichever comes first. This may be done by email, online, by writing, or in person at a meeting at a place to be determined.

There will be the following positions of “Leadership Team” of the Coalition:

President – the lead voice and decision maker for the Coalition. The President will speak on behalf of the Coalition, the members, and member companies. When practical, the President will poll or ask for opinions of the membership before forming a “point of view” of the Coalition on a particular topic, piece of legislation or other related duties.

A President may serve only as long as the membership of the coalition votes for them to retain the position. Should something happen to or the President be unable to carry out the duties the Vice President will step into and act as the President until such a time as a vote of the membership may be taken and a new President elected.

Vice President – also a lead voice and decision maker of the Coalition. When the President is unable to be reached or unable to make a statement on a particular topic, the Vice President may step in and act as the Coalitions voice in matters.

A Vice President may serve only as long as the membership of the coalition votes for them to retain the position. Should something happen to or the Vice President be unable to carry out the duties the Senior Associate Director will step into and act as the Vice President until such a time as a vote of the membership may be taken and a new Vice President elected.

Associate Director – There should be at least 5 Associate Directors on a full leadership panel. The job of the Assoc. Directors are to help make decisions for the coalition on “points of view” and direction that the Coalition goes. Also to decide what the coalition should focus its efforts and resources on. Assoc. Directors may speak for the coalition and are part of the “Leadership Team”.

An Associate Director may serve only as long as the membership of the coalition votes for them to retain the position. Should something happen to or the Associate Director be unable to carry out the duties the rest of the “Leadership Team” will select a temporary replacement from the membership to serve in that position until such a time as a vote of the membership to elect a new Associate Director can be made.

Business Leader – The Business leader will be a member who wishes to further the relationship of the coalition and businesses throughout Florida. Businesses are the backbone of support for the Coalition. This will be a voluntary position selected from the membership by the leadership team.

Media Leader – The Media Leader will be in charge of and supervise the Coalitions media outlets. The social network accounts, the web pages, and other media related items will be the responsibility of the Media Leader. The position will be appointed by the Leadership Team and selected from the membership.

Members will be encouraged to participate in the organization and become a part of the leadership of the coalition. Every member who is signed up to get our information and notices, and has participated in some way during the year (emailing, calling, writing, showing up to support and testify or other ways) has a vote in how and who runs this coalition. A group is only as strong as it members and its leadership. As an organization grows, its abilities and methods may change and that may require changes in leadership. No one person or group of people is ever ensconced as the only voice or leadership of this coalition unless voted on by the membership.

Removal from the Coalition:

If it is found that a person or group who are members have worked against the rights of the people, as determined by the current leadership, may be removed as members of the coalition. Members may bring questionable events or incidents to the attention of the coalition and they will be looked into and reported to the entire membership.

Participation in the Coalition:

The social media sites and websites used and operated by the coalition will be the informational source for the coalition. Groups and individuals who wish to participate in the discussions and the support or non-support of the coalition of a particular item are encouraged to share their views on these sites and postings. All points of view are welcome and the only prohibited form of participation on any of the websites, discussions or communications are direct unrelated to the cause attacks at individuals or groups who are members of the coalition. It is formally recognized that the 1st Amendment, or Freedom of Speech, is vital the sharing of ideas, it is also incumbent on people to conduct themselves in an adult, and refrain from attacking each other. No large group is without disagreement, but compromise and discussions are the way to settle disputes, not attacking each other.

Here is a list of the websites related to the Florida Firearms Coalition:

Florida Firearms Coalition Facebook Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/314366362400561/

Florida Firearms Coalition Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/FloridaFirearmsCoalition/

Florida Firearms Coalition Web page – www.floridafirearmscoalition.com (This will be redirecting for now to the Florida Firearms Coalition Facebook Group.) Makes it easy for people to find it. Might later change this to the website I am making for the Coalition. I bought the Domains: